Tandoori Cuisine for the International Palate

Tandoori is India’s best known export, a cuisine that suits the international palate comfortably, since it is largely meat-based, lightly spiced, and easy to both cook and serve. So named because the food is cooked in a tandoor (large coal-fired oven), it is easily adaptable to the oven, the electrical grill or the microwave.
Tandoori is similar to the western barbecue, but with more delicate flavours and with marinades which enhance the flavour of the principle ingredient. The process of cooking is fast and efficient, and it is only the preparation that may take a while. Tandoori food may be served as starters, or may form a part of the main course, eaten with roomali roti, and mint chutney.Indian food is usually eaten without starters, soups or courses, though in restaurants it is presented in this manner for less familiar diners.
The main meal is eaten with either rice or roti, and includes at least one dal, a selection of vegetarian servings, a meat, chicken or fish, a sampling of chutneys and pickles, and yoghurt. Papads are served with almost any Indian meal. But, depending on the region these may be served after, during or before an Indian meal. No wonder Indian food continues to surprise its serving and style almost as variable as its thousands of recipes.

Popular Dishes and Recipes

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1. Chicken Tikka
2. Tandoori Chicken
3. Seekh Kabab
4. Boti Kabab
5. Tandoori Mushrooms

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