Boti Kabab

Ingredients :

1 No - Boned Leg of lamb
2 cloves - Chopped Garlic
2 tbsp - Chopped Coriander Leaves
2 tbsp - Lemon Juice
4 tbsp -

1/2 tsp -

Salt to taste
2 tbsp - Oil
6 nos - Green Cardamoms
1 no -
Cinnamon Stick

3 nos - Dried Red Chilly
1 tbsp - Coriander Seeds

Cooking Instructions :

- Grind the green cardamoms, cinnamon, red chili and coriander seeds into a fine mix. Keep aside.
- Wash the meat and dry it. Prick all over with a sharp knife and cut into 1 ½ inch cubes.
- Put the garlic, coriander leaves, lemon juice and yogurt into a liquidiser or food processor and blend until smooth. Add the salt, turmeric and the ground ingredients.
- Put the meat into a bowl and add the liquidised ingredients.
- Mix throughly, cover and leave to marinate for 6-8 hours (or overnight in the refrigerator).
- Preheat grill to high. Line the grill pan with a piece of aluminium foil (this will reflect heat and also keep your grill pan clean).
- Thread meat onto skewers leaving about ¼-inch gap between each piece.
- Mix any remaining marinade with the oil and keep aside.
- Place the skewers on the prepared grill and pan and grill the kababs for 2-3 minutes.
- Turn the skewers over and grill for a further 2-3 minutes.
- Reduce heat to medium. Brush the kababs with the oil/marinade mixture and grill for 6-8 minutes.
- Turn the skewers over and brush the kababs with the remaining oil/marinade mixture. Grill for a further 6-8 minutes.
- Garnish with thinly sliced onion rings, crisp lettuce leaves and wedges of cucumber.

Seekh Kabab

Ingredients :

1 Kg - Lean Meat of the Leg of Sheep or Goat
2 nos - Eggs
1 tsp - Black Cardamom Seeds
1/2 tsp -
Cinnamon Powder

1/2 tsp - Ginger Powder
1/2 tsp -
1/2 tsp - Red Chili Powder
1/2 tsp -
Caraway Seeds

Salt to taste
1 no - Medium chopped Onion
5 cloves - Chopped Garlic
1 tsp - Dry Mint Leaves
1/2 cup - Oil

Cooking Instructions :

- Crush the cardamom seeds
- Cut the meat into small pieces and then chop together fine.
- While chopping, add the white and yolk of the eggs, chopped onion and garlic, all the other spices, salt and a tbsp of clarified butter.
- Go on mixing and side by side chopping, till a homogenous well blended mince is formed.
- Mount the minced meat on as many iron Skewers as may be needed.
- Then roast the 'kababs' on live wood-charcoals, placed in a rectangular iron open fire box, or in an earthen oven or an electric oven.
- The skewers should be turned often, so that the 'kababs' roast evenly on all sides, to a dark brown colour.

Chicken Tikka

Ingredients :

1 No - Boneless Chicken Breast
1 tsp - Crushed Ginger
2 cloves - Crushed Garlic
3 tbsp - Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp -

1 tsp - Chili Powder
1/4 tsp - Curry Powder
1/2 tsp - Salt
1 tbsp - Oil
2/3 cup - Plain Curd
1/4 tsp -
Garam Masala

1/4 tsp - Coriander
1/4 tsp - Corn Starch

Cooking Insrtuctions :

- Cut the chicken into cubes
- Mix all of the ingredients together. Let the chicken marinate for 3-4 hours.
- When it's ready to go, heat up the grill and grill the chicken on skewers.
- While they're grilling, take 1/2 cup of the marinade and put it in a small saute pan.
- Before heating it, mix in 1/4 tsp corn starch.
- Heat the sauce until it thickens and then let it bubble for a while. Set that aside until the chicken is done.

Tandoori Chicken

Ingredients :

4 nos - Chicken Drumsticks
4 nos - Chicken Thighs
1 no - Diced onion
2 tbsp - Crushed Ginger
5 cloves - Crushed Garlic
3 cups - Plain

1/4 cup - Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp -

1 tsp - Chili Powder
1 tsp -
Cumin Powder

1/4 tsp - Ground Cinnamon
1/4 tsp - Ground Cloves
2 tsp - Salt
1 tbsp - Oil
1/4 tsp -
Garam Masala

1/4 tsp - Coriander
1/4 tsp - Corn Starch

Cooking Instructions :

- Remove skin from chicken parts. Make deep slashes in the meat with a sharp knife.
- Mix all of the ingredients together to form a marinade. Blend it thoroughly and then pour into a leak-proof plastic bag.
- Add the chicken pieces, squeeze air from the bag, and seal. Knead the bag to rub the marinade into the slashes. Place on a plate and refrigerate for 12 - 24 hours, turns the bag occasionally.
- To cook, lift the pieces from the mariande and wipe off the excess
- Grill/broil with a hot flame for about 5 minutes per side to seal in juices, then continue to cook over a lower flame until the meat is cooked through
- Garnish with side of lettuce, sliced onion rings and lemon

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